Titus Lesson 1


KEY VERSES: TITUS 2:14; 3:8 (v.14) “Who gave himself for us, that He might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto Himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works.” (v.8) “This is a faithful saying, and these things I will that thou affirm constantly, that they which have believed in God might be careful to maintain good works. These things are good and profitable unto men,”

KEY WORD: GOOD WORKS – Found 6 times.

THEME: Blending Sound Faith and Good Works.

DATE: 66-67 A.D. – Between first and second imprisonments. Between I and II Timothy.

WRITER: The Apostle Paul – (Artemas and Tychieus carried the letter for Paul – Pastoral letter).

WRITTEN: To: Titus (A gentile Greek) at Crete (Galatians 2:3). From: Rome (End of third missionary journey.  One of Paul’s last letters).

THE BOOK: Number in Bible – 56th Book of Bible. Number of Chapters – 3, Number of Verses – 46. Number in Order of Writing – 17th Book in New Testament.

PURPOSE: Titus was left on Crete in the Mediterranean Sea by Paul to complete his work establishing churches and organizing them into self-governing, self-supporting churches. This letter is to instruct Titus concerning qualifications for elders in the church, to warn against false teachers and to fortify Titus in his work.


1) Good works – In The House of God (Ch. 1)

2) Good works – In The Home of Men (Ch. 2)

3) Good works – In the Heathen World (Ch. 3)


I. In The House of God (Ch. 1).

   1. The Five-Fold Description (1-4):

      a) Paul describes Himself Servant, Apostle.

      b) Paul describes Christians: Elect, Believers.

      c) Paul describes Gospel: Eternal, Declared.

      d) Paul describes Lord: Cannot Lie.

      e) Paul describes Titus: Paul’s Own Child.

   2. The Faithful Leaders (5-9):

      a) Elders: Experienced, Mature (v. 7).

      b) Bishops: Overseers (v. 7).

      c) Stewards: Act on Behalf of Another (v. 7).

   3. The Fakers and Foolish Ones in the Church (10-15):

      a) They were Numerous (v. 10).

      b) They were Disobedient (v. 10).

      c) Their Teaching and Actions Affected by Disobedience (v. 11).

      d) They were a Bad Influence (v. 11).

      e) They had Impure Natures (v. 11).

      f) They had Bad Background and Temperament.

      g) They were to be Rebuked and Stopped.

II.  In The Home (Ch. 2)

   1.  Sound Doctrine Will Bring Good Works:

      a) The Old Men will Behave Properly (v. 2).

      b) The Old Women Will Behave Properly (v. 3).

      c) The Young Women will Behave Properly (v. 4).

      d) The Young Men will Behave Properly (v. 6).

      e) The Servants will Behave Properly (v. 9).

      f) The Christians will Behave Properly (12-13).

III.  In The Heathen World (Ch. 3).

   1.  The Christian is to Respect Authority (1-3).

   2. The Christian is to Rejoice In Assurance (4-8).

   3.  The Christian is to Reject The Adversary (9-1 1).

   4.  The Christian is to Respond To Appeal (12-15).

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