Romans Lesson 1


“The Great Doctrinal Platform”

KEY VERSES: ROMANS 1:16-17 – “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek. For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, The just shall live by faith.”

KEY WORDS: LAW – Found 78 times. FAITH – Found 62 times.

THEME: (1) The Righteousness of God through Jesus Christ. (2) Justification by Faith. (3) The Gospel (Good News) of Christ – the power of God to believers.

WRITER: The Apostle Paul.

WRITTEN To: Small group of Jewish believers at Rome (believed saved at Pentecost).

From: Corinth (on third missionary journey).

THE BOOK: Number in Bible – 45th book. Number of chapters – 16. Number of verses – 433. Number in order of writing: 6th Book of New Testament.

PURPOSE: 1) To set forth the cardinal doctrines of Christianity. 2) To tell of Paul’s coming visit to Rome.


1) How The Gospel Relates to Sinners (Ch. 1-3).

2) How The Gospel Relates to Saints (Ch. 4-8).

3) How The Gospel Relates to Select (Jews) (Ch. 9-11).

4) How The Gospel Relates to Servant (Ch. 12-16).


I. All Men Were Under Condemnation (1:18, 3:20):

     1) The Gentiles Were Guilty (1:20)

          a) Shunned the law of nature (1:20)

          b) Shunned the law of conscience (2:14-16)

     2) The Jews Were Guilty:

          a) Had greater privileges than the Gentiles (3:2)

II. Salvation Came Through Faith in Christ (3;21;8:39):

     1) It included Justification (3:21; 5:11)

          a) God declaring men righteous

          b) Came through Christ (3:24)

     2) It included Sanctification (5:12; 8:13)

          a) God making men righteous

          b) Came through the obedience of Christ (5:19)

     3) It included Glorification (8:14-39)

          a) Made believers heirs with God (8:17)

          b) Provided for the redemption of all nature (8:21)

III. Jews Refused God’s Righteousness (Ch. 9-11):

     1) They had great opportunities but failed (9:4 and 5)

     2) God was working His will in them (9:16)

     3) They deliberately rebelled against God (10:21)

     4) Their failure brought in the Gentiles (11:11)

IV. Christians Were to Live Righteous Lives (Ch. 12-16):

     1) Their bodies were to be dedicated to God (12:1-2)

     2) They were to be righteous to those within (12:10)

     3) They were to be righteous to those without (12:18)

     4) They were to be obedient to civil authorities (13:1)

     5) They were to be considerate of all (14:19)

     6) They were to shun false teachers (16:17)


The House of Romans:

1) The Vestibule (1:1-17)

2) The Room of Sin (1:18-3:31)

3) The Room of Justification (4-5:21)

4) The Room of Sanctification (6, 7)

5) The Room of Glorification (8-11)

6) The Room of Service (12-16)


 1) Oracles of God – Not opinions of Men

2) Meat of Word – Not Milk of Word

3) Front Page – Not Footnotes

4) Forethought – Not Afterthought

5) Church Truth – Not Kingdom Truth

6) Message of Grace – Not Message of Law

7) Lovely Saints in Christ – Not Lost Sheep of Israel


 1) Righteousness Required (Ch. 1-2)

2) Righteousness Revealed (Ch. 3)

3) Righteousness Received (Ch. 4-5)

4) Righteousness Rejected (Ch. 9-10)

5) Righteousness Reproduced (Ch. 12-16)

NOTE: There are more Old Testament quotations in Romans than in all of the other epistles put together. (70).

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