Revelation Lesson 1


KEY VERSE: Revelation 1:18 – “I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death.”

KEY WORDS: I BEHELD – Found 49 times. I SAW – Found 49 times.

THEME: The Revelation of Jesus Christ.

DATE: 95-98 A.D.

WRITER: John the Apostle

One of 5,000 fed

One of 120 in Upper Room

One of 12 apostles

One of the three (Peter, James and John)

Son of Zebedee

Called “Son of Thunder”

Wrote John I, II, III and Revelation

Pastor at Ephesus from 70 A.D.

Only surviving apostle (see Revelation 1:1)

Exiled to Patmos (10 x 6 mile rocky island in Agean Sea)

Exiled by Roman Emperor, Dominitian

WRITTEN To: The Seven Churches of Asia (Revelation 1:4) The Servants of Jesus Christ (Revelation 1:1) All Who Will Read. (Revelation 1:3)

WRITTEN FROM: ISLE OF PATMOS – Off coast of Asia Minor.

THE BOOK: Number in the Bible – 66th Book of Bible, Number of chapters – 22, Number of verses – 404, Number in order of writing – 27th in New Testament.

PURPOSE: 1) to unveil or reveal Jesus Christ 2) to instruct, encourage and rebuke the professing church.


Chapter 1 – Past – Things that were.

Chapters 2-3 – Present – Things that are.

Chapters 4-22 – Future – Things that will be.


I. Christ Among Seven Candlesticks – (1:9)

II. Christ on Throne – (4:10, 11)

III. Christ in Midst of 144,000 – (7:17)

IV. Christ on White Horse – (19:11)

V. Christ on Great White Throne – (20:11)

VI. Christ the Light of Holy City – (21:22)

VII. Christ the Bright and Morning Star (22:16)

MISCELLANEOUS: Comparing Daniel and Revelation

“Seal the Book” – Daniel 12:4

“Seal Not the Sayings of This Book” – Revelation 22:10

Rule of Interpretation for Revelation – “When the plain sense makes common sense, seek no other sense.”


God Gave the Revelation to Christ.

Christ Gave the Revelation to Angel.

Angel Gave the Revelation to John.

John Gave the Revelation to Us.

The Four Visions of John:

  1. Patmos:

Son of Man – Christ and Churches – (1:9, 3:22)

  1. Heaven:

Throne and Lamb – Christ as Lamb – (4:1, 16:21)

  1. Wilderness:

Woman and Beast – Christ as King – (17:1, 21:8)

  1. Mountain:

New Jerusalem – Christ and Bride – (21:9, 22:6)

Genesis and Revelation: The beginnings of Genesis have their fulfillment in Revelation.

  1. Creation of Heaven and earth; Genesis 1:1; New Heaven and New Earth Revelation 21:1
  2. Satan’s first attack on man; Gen. 3: 1-6; Satan’s final attack; Rev. 20:7-10
  3. The sun to rule the day; Gen. 1:16; No need of the sun; Rev. 21:33
  4. Darkness and night; Gen. 1:5; “no night there”; Rev. 22:5
  5. The seas created; Gen. 1:10; No more sea; Rev. 21:1
  6. A river in the garden; Gen. 2:10-14; The Heavenly river of life; Rev. 22:1,2
  7. Curse placed on man and nature; Gen. 3:14-17; No more curse; Rev. 22:3
  8. Man driven out of paradise; Gen.3:24; Man restored to paradise; Rev. 22:11
  9. Tree of life taken from man; Gen 3:24; Tree of life open to man; Rev. 22:14
  10. Nimrod rebels; founds Babylon; Gen. 10:8-10; Anti-christ and Babylon judged; Rev. 20:10

Four Schools of Interpretation:

  1. Praeterist – fulfilled
  2. Historist – from John to end of world
  3. Futurist – premillenialist
  4. Spiritual – symbolic

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