Philippians Lesson 1



KEY VERSE:  Philippians 4:4 – “Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice.”

KEY WORD:  JOY – Found 16 times in 4 chapters.  Someone has said that Paul’s chains sounded like “JOY BELLS.”

THEME:  1) God is all sufficient to be the strength of the believers and to meet his needs.  (2) Rejoice in the Lord regardless of the circumstances.

DATE:  63 A.D. (approximately) Ten years after Paul was in Philippi.

WRITER:  The Apostle Paul.  (See I Corinthians).

WRITTEN TO:  Believers in Philippi.  From:  Mamretine Prison in Rome.

THE BOOK:  Number in Bible – 50th book of the Bible.  Number of chapters – 4.  Number of verses – 104.  Number in order of writing – 11th in New Testament.

PURPOSE:  The Philippians had sent a gift to Paul by the hand of Epaphroditus (4:18) when he was in prison in Rome.  While he was in Rome, Epaphroditus became seriously ill and on the verge of death (2:27).  The Philippians were concerned over his illness and Epaphroditus was disturbed by their concern and longed to see them (2:26).  After he recovered, Paul sent him back to the Philippians (2:25) for the following reasons: (1) To thank them for their gift.  (2) To express his love for them.  (3) To tell of his work and release.  (4) To warn them of dangers.


1. The believer rejoices in Suffering (Ch. 1).

2. The believer rejoices in Service (Ch. 2).

3. The believer rejoices in Spite of Imperfections (Ch. 3). 4. The believer rejoices over Anxiety (Ch. 4)

OUTLINE BY CHAPTER:  Inward Look (Ch.1) – Testimony of Christian (Ch.1).  Backward Look (Ch.2) – Temperament of Christian (Ch.2).  Forward Look (Ch.3) – Treasury of Christian (Ch.3).  Upward Look (Ch.4) – Triumph of Christian (Ch.4).  Within Us (Ch.1) – Christ our Passion (Ch.1).  Behind Us (Ch.2) – Christ our Pattern (Ch.2).  Before Us (Ch.3) – Christ our Prize (Ch.3).  Above Us (Ch.4) – Christ our Power (Ch.4).

Happy Mind (Ch.1) – Christ our Life (Ch.1).  Humble Mind (Ch.3) – Christ our Goal (Ch.3).  Holy Mind (Ch.4) – Christ our Power (Ch.4).  In Christ (Ch.1) – Living for Christ (Ch.1).  Like Christ (Ch.2) – Laboring for Christ (Ch.2).  Know Christ (Ch.3) – Looking to Christ (Ch.3).  Through Christ (Ch.4) – Learning of Christ (Ch.4).

MISCELLANEOUS:  1. Christ mentioned 40 times in Philippians.  2. Sin not mentioned at all.  3. Philippians one of four prison epistles.  (Others: Ephesians, Colossians and Philemon.)  4. Addressed to three groups: Saints, Bishops and Deacons.  5. Background in Acts 16.  6. Delivered by Epaphroditus.  7. The church established on second missionary journey.  8. Church begun with three converts: Lydia, demon possessed girl, and the Philippian jailer.

CHRIST IN PHILIPPIANS:  1. We are to Preach Christ (1:15-16).  2. We are to Live Christ (1:20-21.  3. We are to Confess Christ (2:20).  4. We are to Trust Christ (2:19-24).  5. We are to Win Christ (3:8).  6. We are to Know Christ (3:10).  7. We are to Expect Christ (3:20).

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