KEY VERSE: PHILEMON 18 – “If he hath wronged thee, or oweth thee aught, put that on mine account.”

KEY WORD: PROFITABLE – Found one time (Onesimus means profitable).

THEME: Paul intercedes with Philemon for Onesimus, a runaway slave.

DATE: 62 A.D.

WRITER: The Apostle Paul (v. 1, 19).

WRITTEN: To: Philemon- A wealthy Greek Christian. Land and slave owner at Colosse (Philemon 1, 2, 10; Colossians 4:9). From: Rome – During Paul’s first imprisonment in Rome (House Arrest: Acts 28:16,30).

THE BOOK: Number in Bible – 57th Book in Bible – Number of Chapters – 1. Number of Verses – 25. Number in Order of Writing – 18th in New Testament.

PURPOSE: Onesimus, a slave of Philemon, probably stole from his master and ran away. In his travels, he met Paul in Rome who converted him to Christ. Paul then sent him back to Philemon with Tychicus carrying this letter, in which he was pleading and interceding for Onesimus.


1) Runaway Slave (Like Adam or the Prodigal).    2) Regenerated Son.     3) Reliable Servant.     4) Respected Brother.


I. Paul Presents His Greeting (v. 1-3) –

   “Grace and Peace” (Shalom) (v, 3).

II. Paul Praised Philemon (v. 4-8) –

   “Thank God for You” (v. 4).

III.  Paul Pleads For Onesimus (v. 9-17) –

   “I Beseech Thee” (v. 10).

IV. Paul’s Personal Request (v. 23-25) –

   “Salute” (v. 23).


  1. Wealthy land owner
  2. 2. Leading Member of Church of Colosse.
  3. 3. Won to Christ by Paul (v. 19).

    4. Church Met In His House (v. 2).

    5. Owned slaves.

    6. Wife was Apphia (v. 2).

    7. Archippus, his son was probably the pastor  (Colossians 4:17).


1.   Short: One Chapter – 25 verses.

2.  Personal

3.  Revealing:1

   a)  Paul’s Concern for Individuals as well as groups.

   b)  Interested in spiritual condition of slaves as well as masters.

   c)  Determined to follow-up after winning souls.

4.  Prison Epistle: (Private Letter).

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