Mark Lesson 1


“The Servant of Man”

KEY VERSE:Mark 10:45 – “For even the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many.”

KEY WORD:Immediately (Straightway). Found 40 times.

THEME:Jesus Christ is presented as the Suffering Servant.

DATE:50-55 A.D.

WRITER:John Mark (Cousin of Barnabas, Colossians 4:10 – son of Mary of Jerusalem.)

WRITTEN:To: Romans (Gentiles)   From: Rome (Probably).

THE BOOK:Number in Bible – 41st  Book. Number of Chapters – 16. Number of Verses: 678. Number in Order of Writing – 2nd in New Testament.

PURPOSE:To present our Lord Jesus Christ as Servant.

DIVISIONS: Three Main Divisions of Mark:

1) Introduction and Identification of Servant

2) Miracles and Ministry of Servant

3) From the Transfiguration to the Ascension

OUTLINE:Our outline divides Mark into two sections:

   1) The Servant gives His life in Service

   2) The Servant gives His life in Sacrifice

I. The Servant Gives His Life in Service:

   1) The Servant’s Work (1-3)

      a)The work begun (l)

      b)The work belittled (2:1, 3:6)

      c) The work blessed (3:7-19)

      d) The work blasphemed

   2) The Servant’s Words (4-5)

      a) Exact in Purpose (4:1-34)

      b) Executive in Power (4:35; 5:43)

   3) The Servant’s Ways (6:1, 8:26)

      a) The attitude of others to God’s Servant (6:1-29)

   4) The Servant’s Worth (8:27,9:13)

   5) The Servant’s Will (9:14-29)

   6) The Servant’s Wisdom (9:30; 10:52)

II. The Servant Give His Life in Sacrifice:

   1) He Previews the Crisis of Calvary (11-12)

   2) He Portrays the Consequences of Calvary (13:14-31)

   3) He Permits the Cross of Calvary (14:32; 15:47)

   4) He Proves the Crime of Calvary (16)

      a) By Conquering the grave (16:1-4)

      b) By Circling the globe (16:15-20)

MISCELLANEOUS:Mark Blessed With:

    1) Godly Home (Acts 12:12)

    2) Godly Companions (Acts 12:25)

    3) Godly Service (II Timothy 4:1)                                                                                                  

Dr. Tom Wallace

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