II Timothy Lesson 1


Key Verse: II Timothy 2:15, “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

Key Words: Suffer – found 5 times; Endure – found 4 times.

Theme: A challenge to endure pressures and affliction. To be strong in the face of apostasy.

Date: 67 A.D. (approximately)

Writer: The Apostle Paul

Written to: Timothy at Ephesus from: Rome in prison

The Book: Number in Bible – 55th book in the Bible; Number in Chapters – 4; Number in verses – 83; Number in order of writing – 16th book in the New Testament.


1) Encourage Timothy to be bold and fearless                  2) Encourage Timothy to be faithful in testings

3) Warn Timothy of apostasy in the future                       4) Ask Timothy to come and see him, bring needed possessions


1) Chapter 1 – Pastoral appeal – reminder of responsibility and privileges

2) Chapter 2 – Practical appeal – effort to solve some problems

3) Chapter 3 – Prophetic appeal – points out importance of holding fast

4) Chapter 4 – Personal appeal – appeal to Timothy to remain true


Paul’s concern for Timothy (Ch. 1)

Remembering (1-6)

Resources (7-11)

Reward (12-18)

Paul’s challenge to Timothy (Ch. 2)

Distribute the Word (2)

Dedication to Battle (3, 4)

Discipline in Work (5)

Doing the Work (6)

Diligence (7-10)

Dividing the Word (15)

Direction (22-26)

Paul’s caution for Timothy (Ch. 3)

The Perils of the Last Days (1)

The People of the Last Days (2, 5)

The Plea to the True Believer (5)

The Program for the Last Days (10-11)

The Plan for the Last Days (14-15)

Profit Available in Last Days(15-16)

Paul’s charge to Timothy (Ch. 4)

Preach the Word (1-4)

Prove your calling (5)

Personally illustrate  ministry (6)

Profit from experience & fellowship (10-22)

Miscellaneous: The spread of apostasy

I Timothy

Some have turned aside (1:6)

Some have made shipwreck (1:19)

Some have turned aside after Satan (5:15)

Some have been led astray (6:10)

Some have erred (6:21)

II Timothy – All have turned away from me (1:15)           All forsook me (4:16)

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