II Peter Lesson 1


KEY VERSE: II PETER 1:3 – “According as His divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue.”
KEY WORDS: KNOW – Found 8 times. KNOWLEDGE – Found 7 times.
THEME: Believer’s Responsibility in Time of Apostasy.
DATE: 67 A.D. (Shortly before Peter’s death).
WRITER: Simon Peter – Simon: Name given at birth (speaks of old man). Peter: Name given at new birth (speaks of new man) (Matthew 16:18).
WRITTEN: To: Jewish Christians (To be applied to every Christian of every age, everywhere). From: Ephesus (Probably).
THE BOOK: Number in Bible – 61. Number of Chapters – 3. Number of Verses: 61. Number in Order of Writing – 22nd in New Testament.
PURPOSE: In Peter’s first letter, he was writing to encourage the recipients and to hearten them amid persecution and suffering. He has learned that false teachers among them were teaching false doctrine, so he sent this short letter to remind them and re-emphasize to the readers to ground themselves more firmly in the full knowledge of truth in Christ Jesus, and thereby, to reinforce their faith against false doctrine.
Chapter 1 – Believer’s Sure Foundation: Knowledge of Bible
Chapter 2 – Believer’s Solemn Warning: Knowledge of Apostates
Chapter 3 -Believer’s Satisfying Hope: Knowledge of Second Coming


I. Knowledge of the Bible (Ch. 1)

   1. Gift of Knowledge (1:14)

      a) Through Divine Conversion (1) Simon Peter

      b) Through Divine Calling (1) “Apostle”

      c) Through Divine Communion (1) “Like Precious Faith”

      d) Through Divine Contentment (2) “Peace”

      e) Through Divine Control (3) “Power”

      f) Through Divine Charge (3) “Glory and Virtue”

      g) Through Divine Company (4) “Nature”

   2. Growth of Knowledge (Add to Your Faith – Salvation) (1:5-11)

      a) Separation-Virtue

      b) Study-Knowledge

      c) Self-Control-Temperance

      d) Suffering-Patience

      e) Spirituality-Godliness

      f) Service – Brotherly Kindness

      g) Sacrifice – LoveII .Grounded in Knowledge (1:12-21)

   3. Grounded in Knowledge (1:12-21):

      a) By What He Had Seen and Heard (v. 17)

      b) By What He Had Studied and Heeded (v. 19)

      c) By What He Had Searched and Held (v. 21)

II. Knowledge of the Apostates (Ch. 2)

   1.Their Condemnation (2:1-9):

      a) The Infiltration (1) “Among You”

      b) The Iniquity (1) “Damnable heresy”

      c) The Influence (2) “Many Fallen”

      d) The Insincerity (3) “Feigned Words”

      e) The Indictment (3) “Damnation”

      f) The Imprisonment (4,9) “Reserved”

      g) The Innocent (9) “Godly”

   2. Their Character (2:10-16):

      a) Their Self-Will and Rebellion (10:11)

      b) Their Sure Judgment and Reward (12-13)

      c) Their Sinful Ways and Results (14-16)

   3. Their Claims:

      a) They Promise Fullness: They are empty (17-18)

      b) They Promise Freedom: They are exhausted (19)

      c) They Produce Failure: They are excluded (22)

III.Knowledge of the Second Coming:

  1. Beloved – Be Mindful (1-7)
  2. Beloved – Be Not Ignorant (8-11)
  3. Beloved – Be Diligent (11-14)
  4. Beloved – Beware (15-18)

I PETER: Warns of Roaring Lion (Persecution From Without)
II PETER: Warns of Deceiving Serpent (False Teaching From Within)
I PETER: Theme is “Grace”
II PETER: Theme is “Knowledge” Peter wraps it up in II Peter 3:18. We are urged to grow in “Grace and Knowledge.”

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