II John

II John

Key Verse:  II John 1:8 “Look to yourselves, that we lose not those things which we have wrought, but that we receive a full reward.”

Key Words: Truth – found 5 times; Love – found 4 times.

Theme: Walk in Truth and Love

Date: 95-98 A.D.

Writer: John the Apostle

Written to: A Christian mother and her children – some say Martha, sister of Mary of Bethany; still others say the local church at Ephesus.

From: Ephesus

The Book: Number in Bible – 63rd Book of the Bible; Number of Chapters – 1; Number of verses – 13; Number in order of writing – 24th in the New Testament.


1) To give this mother a good report about her children

2) To warn of seducing deceivers teaching false doctrines


1) The Commendation – Walking in truth (v. 1-4)

2) The Commandment – Love one another (v. 5-6)

3) The Caution – Careful of false doctrine and teachers

4) The Conclusion – Will say more at eye-to-eye meeting (v. 12)


Introduction (v. 1,2)

1) Who is writing? (v. 1)

2) To Whom is He writing? (v. 1)

3) What is He writing about? (v. 2)

I. The Lady Commended (v. 4)

a) The Satisfaction of the Elder

b) The Size of His Joy

c) The Surprise element

d) The Scripture

II. The Lady Commanded (v. 5, 6)

a) To love (v. 5)

b) To Live it (v. 6)

III. The Lady Cautioned (v. 7-13)

a) Caution among Deceivers (v. 7)

b) Caution about Diligent (v. 8)

c) Caution around Duty (v. 11)


The term “Full Reward” suggests that there are degrees of reward.  The New Testament speaks of five different crowns:

1) Crown of Life – patience in endurance (James 1:12)

2) Crown of Rejoicing – soul winning (I Thessalonians 2:19, 20)

3) Crown of Glory – faithfulness (I Peter 5:2-4)

4) Crown of Righteousness – loving His appearing (II Timothy 4:8)

5) Incorruptible Crown – disciplined life

(I Corinthians 9:25) “Lady” in greek is “Kuria,” could be a person or could have reference to the Church.

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