I Peter Lesson 1


KEY VERSE: I PETER 1:7 – “That the trial of your faith, being much more precious than of gold that perisheth, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honour and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ:”

KEY WORD: SUFFER- Used 15 times, implied 6 times.

THEME: Grace in Time of Suffering

DATE: 63-64 A.D. (Approximately)

WRITER: Simon Peter

WRITTEN: To: Strangers (Jews in a Foreign Land) Scattered throughout Asia Minor.

From: Ephesus (Probably – I Peter 5:13).

THE BOOK: Number in Bible – 60. Number of Chapters – 5. Number of Verses – 105. Number in Order of Writing – 21st Book in New Testament.

PURPOSE: To teach God’s truth concerning:

1)   Salvation (1:5)

2)   Holiness (2:12)

3)   Fellowship (3:8)

4)   Grace (4:10)

5)   Glory (5:4)


1)   Relation to God – (1:1-2; 10)

2)   Relation to Believer – (2:11 – 4:19)

3)   Relation to Church (Chap. 5)


I. The Christian’s Lively Hope…And How We React To It:

   1)   The Living Hope (1 :3- 12)

       a) Our Reaction to it (1:13-21)

   2)   The Living Word (1:22-2:5)

       a) Our Responsibility to it (2:1-3)

   3)   The Living Stone (2: 14)

       a) Our Relation to it (2:5-10)

II. The Christian’s Loyalty: As a Pilgrim… And How We Live It:

   1)   In Ream of

       a) Citizens (2:12-17)

b) Servants (2:18-25)

c) Married (3:1-7)

III. The Christian’s Load of Burden… And How To Bear It:

   1)   Exceeding Joy in Times of Trials (4:12-19)

   2)   Exhortations in Times of Trials (5:1-4)

   3)   Examples in Times of Trials (5:5-11)

Miscellaneous: About the Author: Peter

l)    SIMON – Means “Sand” (We make sand out of rock)

2)   BARJONA – Means “Son of Jonas”

3)   PETER – Means “Little Stone” (We make rock out of sand)

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