I Corinthians Lesson 1

I Corinthians

KEY VERSE: I Corinthians 10:31 – “Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.”

KEY WORD: divisions, contentions.

THEME: Trouble in the Church.

DATE: 56 A.D.

WRITER: Apostle Paul – Born at Tarsus, Jew (Roman Citizen), Father – A Pharisee, Taught by Gamiliel, Saved on Damascus Road, Baptized by Ananias, Four Missionary Journeys, Wrote 14 New Testament Books, Wrote 100 Chapters, Great Preacher, Great Missionary, Great Writer, Wrote with Simplicity, Wrote with Sincerity, Head Cut Off in Rome.

WRITTEN: To: Saints at Corinth (Gentile Greek believers, Babes in Christ). From:  Ephesus (I Corinthians 16:7, 8).

THE BOOK: Number in Bible – 46th Book, Number of Chapters – 16 Chapters, Number of Verses – 437 Verses, Number in Order of Writing – 7th in New Testament.

PURPOSE:  To reprove and correct serious problems existing among members of the church at Corinth.


Ch. 1-11 – To the Church (Collectively).

Ch. 12-16 – To the Church (Individually).

Ch. 1-4 – Wisdom of Man vs. Revelation of God.

Ch. 5-9 – Worldliness of Man vs. Holiness of God.

Ch. 10-16 – Religion of Man vs. Holy Spirit of God.

OUTLINE: Disorders of the Church

I. Personal Disorders (1-4) – The Problem:

     Following Men. The Cure: Exalting Christ (1:30).

II. Moral Disorders (5-6) – The Problem:

     Yielding To The Flesh. The Cure: Living in Christ (6:15).

III. Home Disorders (7) – The Problem:

     Wrong Ideas. The Cure: Benevolence and Obedience (7:3).

IV. Social Disorders (8-10) – The Problem:

     Misused Liberty. The Cure: The Glory of God (10:31).

V. Church Disorders (11-14) – The Problem:

     Misconduct in Worship.

     The Cure: Orderliness and Temperance (14:32-40).

VI. Doctrinal Disorders (15) – The Problem:

     Denial of Resurrection. The Cure: The Risen Christ (15:20).

VII. Financial Disorders (16) – The Problem:

     Wrong Motives. The Cure: Tithes and Offerings (16:2).


The City of Corinth:

1)        The most important city of Greece (Capitol of Achaia) Roman province.

2)        Population of 500,000.

3)        Worshipped the Goddess of Love (Venus).

4)        Corinth was on the trade route between East and West.

5)        It was known for recommence, culture and corruption.

6)        Paul was in Corinth for 11/2 years (Second Missionary Journey).

7)        Paul met Acquilla and Priscilla in Corinth (Acts 18).

8)        Silas and Timothy joined to help Paul in Corinth (Acts 18).

9)        Ruler of synagogue saved in Corinth (Cuspus and Sosthenes – Acts 18).

10)       The people of Corinth were from a wicked background.

11)       The people of Corinth were a lower class of society.

I CORINTHIANS:  Written to new, immature believers.

II CORINTHIANS:  Shows their progress and deals with comfort and maturity.


 The Garden – Serpent.

The Romans – Bacchus.

The Phonecians – Baal.

The Israelites – Golden Calf.

The Ammonites – Moloch (Fire God).

The Athenians – Athenia.

The Egyptians – Ra (Sun God).

The Corinthians – Venus (Goddess of Love).

THE CHURCH:  The account of the founding of the Church of Corinth is given in Acts 18:1-18. When Paul visited Corinth, it was the largest and most important city in Greece. In the midst of almost hopeless conditions, Paul preached, “Christ crucified…the power of God and the wisdom of God.” (I Corinthians 1:23, 24).

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