Genesis Lesson 1



KEY VERSE: (Genesis 1:1) “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”

THEME: BEGINNINGS (Greek word means “Origin”)

GENESIS RECORDS: 1. Beginning of Heaven 2. Beginning of Earth 3. Beginning of Man 4. Beginning of Woman 5. Beginning of Marriage 6. Beginning of God’s Sabbath 7. Beginning of Sin 8. Beginning of Sacrifice 9. Beginning of Prophecy 10. Beginning of Human Government 11. Beginning of Nations of Earth 12. Beginning of Family of Israel

DATE: 1,500 B.C.

WRITER: MOSES – The great Hebrew Lawgiver and Leader. Wrote all first five books of the Bible. Verified by Christ. (Matthew 8:4; 19:7, 8)

WRITTEN: To all of mankind

THE BOOK: NO. IN BIBLE: 1ST of 66 Books in Bible. NO. OF CHAPTERS: 50. NO. OF VERSES: 1,533. NO. IN ORDER OF WRITING: 1st of 5 Books of Moses (Pentateuch). Genesis introduces the other four Books of Moses. Genesis also introduces the entire Bible.

PURPOSE: To set the stage for the mighty drama of redemption that finds its fulfillment in the ministry of Jesus Christ. IT SETS FORTH: 1. The Character and Acts of God. 2. The Need of Man. 3. The revelation of the Coming Christ.

DIVISIONS: CHAPTERS 1-11 1. Story of Creation 2. History of Human Race. 3. Four Great Events. 4. Two- thousand Years —Plus. CHAPTERS 12-50 1. History of Jewish Race 2. Four Great People 3. Three hundred Sixty Years.

FACTS: THE FOUR GREAT EVENTS (Chapters 1-11) 1. The Creation of Universe 2. The Fall of Man 3. The Flood of Noah 4. The Tower of Babel. THE FOUR GREAT PEOPLE 1. ABRAHAM: Man of Faith. 2. ISAAC: The Promised Son. 3. JACOB: The Prince of God. 4. JOSEPH: The Type of Christ.

Genesis 1-25 Book 1 Page 1

OUTLINE: INTRODUCTION: 1. READ ALL FIFTY CHAPTERS SEVERAL TIMES. 2. REVIEW IT SEVERAL MORE TIMES BY SECTIONS. 3. RETAIN IT BY NAMING EACH CHAPTER: Ch. 1 Creation, Ch. 2 Eden, Ch. 3 Fall, Ch. 4 Cain, Ch. 5 Seth, Ch. 6 Wickedness, Ch. 7 Flood, Ch. 8 Dry Land, Ch. 9 Rainbow, Ch.10. Nations, and etc.

I. THE CREATON STORY (CH. 1 – 2:7) 1. The Person of Creation (Gen. 1:1: Heb. 11:3) 2. The Purpose of Creation (Rev. 4:11; Isa. 43:7) 3. The Program of Creation. (Gen. 1:3-31)

II. THE FALL OF MAN Gen. 2:8-3:24 1. Reason For Fall (Satan’s Presence and Free Will of Man) 2. Ruin of Fall (Loss of Home and Fellowship with God) 3. Result of Fall (Curse, Murder (4:8) Death). 4. Recovery From Fall (Slain lamb—Christ)

III. THE FLOOD OF NOAH Gen. 6-9 1. Reason for Flood (“Wickedness of Men” 6:5,11,12). 2. Reaction to Warning. (Scoffing” II Peter 3:3) 3. Rescue from Flood. (“Lord shut him in” 7:16)

IV. THE TOWER OF BABEL Gen. 11:1. The Pride of Man’s Heart (“Make a Name” 11:4) 2. The Plan of Rebellious Men (Reach Heaven 11:4) 3. The Place of the Tower (“Shinar” 10:10; 11:2) 4.The Penalty (Confusion of Tongues and Scattering 11:7,9)

V. THE CHOICE OF A NATION Gen. 11:10-12:2 1. The Promise to Israel (Blessings 12:2-3) 2. The Place for Israel (Palestine 13:14-17) 3. The Purpose of Israel ( 3:15)

VI. THE CALL OF ABRAHAM Gen. 11:10-25:10 1. Abraham’s Sojourn in Egypt (12:10-13:1) 2. Abraham’s Separation from Lot (13:5-11) 3. Abraham’s Success over Foes (14:1-16) 4. Abraham’s Submission to Melchizedek (14:17-24) 5. Abraham’s Supplication for Sinners (18:1-33)

VII. THE PROMISED SON – ISAAC Gen. 25:11-26:35 1. The Birth of Isaac (15:4-17:16) 2. The Burnt Offering of Isaac (22:14) 3. The bride for Isaac (24:1-67) 4. The backsliding of Isaac (22:6-16)

VIII. JACOB – THE CONNIVER AND PRINCE WITH GOD 1. His Lying and Cheating (25:28) 2. His Leaving for Haran (27:43) 3. His Living in Fear (“Facing Esau” 32:9-12) 4. His Learning the Hard Way (“Reaping” 37:28)

IX. JOSEPH – WINNING OVER TROUBLES Gen. 37:1-50:26 1. He Stood the Test of Adversity (37:23-25) 2. He Stood the Test of Prosperity (39:2-6) 3. He Stood the Test of Temptation (39:7-12) 4. He Stood the Test of False Accusation (39:13-18) 5. He Stood the Test of Broken Promises (40:23)

MISCELLANEOUS: The book of Genesis is to the Christian what a foundation is to a house. It forms a basis for all the revelation of the Bible. It tells us the beginning of everything but God. It is the seed plot of the Bible. Almost every subject of major importance has its roots in Genesis.

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