Galatians Lesson 1


“The magna carta of Christian freedom”

Key Verse: Galatians 5:1 “Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.”

Key Words: Law – found 32 times; Faith – found 21 times; Free – found 7 times.

Theme: Liberty, not bondage, God has given liberty to believers in Christ. We are not to be entangled again with the yoke of bondage (the law).

Date: 55 A.D.

Writer: The Apostle Paul (see I Corinthians)

Written to: believers in Galatia (shortest of Paul’s writings) from Rome

The Book: Number in Bible – 48th Book in the Bible; Number of Chapters – 6; Number of verses – 149; Number in order of writing – 9th in New Testament.

Purpose: To refute and offset the teaching of the Judaisers. They were teaching that after salvation was obtained through Christ, it must be maintained by works.


Chapter 1 – The cross and deliverance from an evil world

Chapter 2 – The cross and crucifixion

Chapter 3 – The cross and redemption from the curse

Chapter 4 – The cross and adoption into Sonship

Chapter 5 – The cross and its continued offense

Chapter 6 – The cross and its persecutions


I. Personal, grace and the Gospel (1-2)

a. Grace declared in Paul’s message (1:1-10)

b. Grace demonstrated in Paul’s life (1:11-24)

c. Grace defended in Paul’s ministry (2:1)

1. Before the church leaders collectively (2:1-10)

2. Before Peter personally (2:11-21)

II. Doctrinal, grace and the law (34) – Paul proves that salvation is not through keeping the law

a. Personal argument from experience (3:1-5)

b. Scriptural argument – Abraham’s faith (3:6-14)

c. Logical argument (3:15-29)

d. Dispensational argument (4:1-11)

e. Sentimental argument (4:12-18)

f. Allegorical argument (4:19-31)

III. Practical, grace and the Christian life (5-6)

a. Liberty, not bondage (5:1-5)

b. The Spirit, not the flesh (5:16-26)

c. Others, not self (6:1-10)

d. God’s glory, not man’s approval (6:11-18)


1) Galatians called “Paul’s explosive epistle” – every sentence a thunderbolt. Every word a stick of dynamite.

2) Relates to the Book of Romans

In Galatians we shall find:

1) A law that had been satisfied

2) A love that had been manifested

3) A life that must be lived

4) A liberty that had been secured

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