Colossians Lesson 1


“The Pre-Eminence of Christ”

Key Verse: Colossians 1:18, “That in all things He might have the preeminence.”

Key Words: Head – found 3 times; Fullness – found 2 times.

Theme: God’s Fullness in Jesus: 1) He is the Head of the Church (which is His Body) 2) He is the Creator of the Universe

Date: 62 A.D.

Writer: The Apostle Paul

Written to: Church at Colossee (mostly gentile converts). From: Rome (Mamretine Prison). Delivered Tychincus and Onesimus (4:7-9).

The Book: Number in Bible – 51st Book in the Bible; Number of Chapters – 4; Number of verses – 95; Number in order of writing – 12th in the New Testament.

Purpose: Paul Wrote That These Believers Might Be Aware of Their: 1) Inheritance in Christ (1:12) 2) Deliverance through Christ (1:13) 3) Translation in Christ (1:13) 4) Redemption in Christ (1:14) 5) Forgiveness by Christ (1:14) 6) Reconciliation by Christ (1:21) 7) Presentation by Christ (1:22)

Divisions: 1) Doctrinal – to help us be filled with the Spirit (Ch. 1-2) 2) Practical – to help us be faithful in Service (Ch. 3-4)

Outline: Paul identified the Person of Christ as the Creator, the Divine Head of the Universe.  He discusses the believer’s completeness in Him.  As a result of what Christ has done for the believer, the Christian is encouraged to conduct himself accordingly by “putting off the old man” and “putting on the new man.”I. Christ is Supreme Through Prayer (1:1-12)II. Christ is Supreme in Creation and Redemption (1:13-16)III. Christ is Supreme in Reconciliation (1:19-23)IV. Christ is Supreme in Christian Faith (2:4-7)V. Christ is Supreme in Doctrine (2:8-15)VI. Christ is Supreme in Religion (2:6-23)VII. Christ is Supreme in Spiritual Life (3:1-11)VIII. Christ is Supreme in Risen Life (3:12-17)IX. Christ is Supreme in Human Relationships (3:18; 4:1)X. Christ is Supreme in Christian Service (4:2-9)XI. The Friends of Paul (4:10-18)

Miscellaneous: 1) Church at Colossi (probably) founded by Epaphras (4:12) 2) Paul had probably not visited this church 3) Paul had many friends among its members 4) Philemon was one outstanding person there (4:9) 5) Archippus was Philemon’s son (4:17) 6) Archippus was possibly pastor there (Philemon 2) 7) Epaphras was likely in prison with Paul (Philemon 23) 8) There is similarity between Ephesians and Colossians.

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